Stuffing the Bird


Well, it’s a new year and time to get back to work! I made new bird legs and cut a new bird body. The old body had been sewn and unsewn so many times, it was looking a bit like a Franken-bird! Plus, this gave me the opportunity to refine the pattern for the body, which had some curves I was not entirely happy with.

Now I’m stuffing it super-firmly. It’s almost time to get the bird’s (new) legs inÂ… There will be much holding of breath around here until that’s done. This part of construction involves lots of hand-sewing. I have a handy needle and pin cushion that looks like a tomato with a baby strawberry hanging off of it. It’s the same pin cushion I’ve had since my mom first taught me to sew, and it’s just like the one she had! It works great, but I do wonder, what’s up with the whole tomato/strawberry thing?

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